Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's Get Technical, Let Me Hear Your Drawing Talk

Original Sketches-Panties

Original Sketches-Bras
Technical Drawings-Bra and High-waisted Garter Panties
Fall 2013

I have always known that sketching was not one of my finer talents. In school, I struggled in all my fashion illustration classes and, horror of horrors!, the teacher would often use my projects as an example of what not to do. At one point, I thought that maybe designing wasn't a possibility for me because of my laughable sketching skills. Lucky for me though, as the design industry becomes more modern and a lot of production is done overseas, many manufacturers require technical drawings, not hand sketches. Drawings can now be done on the computer using the program, Adobe Illustrator.  I still put all my original ideas on paper, but then the final product is done using a computer.  These are the drawings I send to prospective buyers, manufacturers, pattern makers etc. With these drawings, my designs do all the talking!                                                                                   

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