Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pop-Up Panties

It's official! I am now my Grandmother....let me explain....My Grandmother was a representative for Figurettes bras for years.  I remember as a young girl, women of all shapes and sizes would appear at her door for a personalized bra fitting. An hour or so later they would leave with breasts carefully molded, tamed, and pointing skywards. My Grandmother probably talked them into purchasing a girdle to go with their new fancy bras. She was quite the little sales lady! I can only hope to do her justice as I am now a representative for Flora Nuit, a Brooklyn based company that brings a lingerie pop-up shop to your home. The concept is simple. I bring lovely samples from many different designers to your house and let you and your guests try them on. The lingerie ranges from soft romantic lace to more va va voom boudoir styles. The bras and panties come in a wide range of sizes and shapes and with the bra fitting techniques bestowed upon me by my Grandmother, I can assist in finding the perfect fit. We also have lovely chemises, pj's, and robes. Meanwhile, may I suggest a cocktail or two to assist in all the fun? 
Let's have a party! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

50 Shades of Taupe

Georgia J Taupe Lace Collection

TAUPE has been a big color lately in the wedding industry from wedding accents to bridesmaid dresses. And it's understandable why. Taupe is versatile, understated, soft and sophisticated. My first recollection of the color taupe is my mother dragging me around the mall at the age of 14 looking for a purse to match her new taupe pumps. I, of course, didn't get why her purse had to match her shoes and why it had to be the exact same shade, but she was excited about her new job and wanted to look professional and "put together"  Taupe is diverse in its many shades and hues. There are gray taupes, khaki taupes, blush taupes, smoky taupes, brown taupes and many others. My sales rep calls the color romantic when referring to the taupe lace in my current collection. I like that. What do you think of when you think of the color Taupe?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Making The Sale

I am a designer, not a of the most challenging things about starting your own line is selling your own line. It's one thing showing off your beautiful designs to a good friend and gushing about how it's always been your dream to start your own line and quite another when talking to a boutique owner. Boutique owners are not interested in "your dream," they are interested in how well these items are going to sell in their store. I began my sales pitch via an intro email to all the boutiques I thought would be interested and then the following week attempted to make follow-up calls. With a pounding heart and and a suddenly parched throat I picked up the phone and dialed my first number. I imagined that when I talked to the person on the other end I would come across charming, vivacious and confident. Instead, a little high-pitched mouse voice was heard squeaking into the mouthpiece "hi, my name is Jenn and I am....." What a way to make a great first impression! Unfortunately, this particular phone call did not end up in a sale, but with each call I became more confident. One of which went extremely well and I am excited to announce that Twig and Willow in Long Beach will be selling my designs as soon as this June! Woo hoo!!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Georgia J Summer 2012

I frequently use the word sassy to describe the essence of what the GEORGIA J woman represents. You see, the word "sassy" and I go way back. As a young girl my mother, with a smile on her face, would tease me saying that I was being sassy. But, what she really meant was that I was being defiant and mischievous. As an adult woman, the word takes on a different meaning. Sassy can mean lively, spirited, stylish, chic, playful, cheeky, flirty, saucy, and my favorite meaning from the Urban Dictionary, "possessing the attitude of someone endowed with an ungodly amount of cool." The GEORGIA J woman does possess an ungodly amount of cool! She is also effortless in her style, lovely, naturally sexy, and sassy to the core.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Not Your Granny's Panties

Georgia J Fall 2013

 High-waisted panties are very trendy right now. I see them just about everywhere: magazine spreads, on celebrities, in boutiques, etsy, pinterest etc.  I like their retro, sassy appeal, but let's face it, no matter how much you dress them up, they are still granny panties underneath all that pretty lace. And like most women, I was quite unsure whether I wanted to embrace this trend no matter how cute they looked on that model in Elle magazine. I got over my phobia last year when I began to design this collection. I sewed myself a pair and decided to try them out for a day. The verdict? They were amazingly comfortable and I felt like a sexy pin-up girl to boot! I now wear them regularly and I have found that they are best for skirts and dresses because they smooth out the lines of the tummy making a sleek silhouette. The moral of this story:  embrace the high-waisted look, as these are not your "granny's panties!" 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sneak Peak

Lace Bodysuit

Butterfly Sleep Mask

Here it is! An exclusive first look at Georgia J's Fall 2013 collection. There are more pics to come, but I COULDN'T RESIST sharing these first few photos.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's Get Technical, Let Me Hear Your Drawing Talk

Original Sketches-Panties

Original Sketches-Bras
Technical Drawings-Bra and High-waisted Garter Panties
Fall 2013

I have always known that sketching was not one of my finer talents. In school, I struggled in all my fashion illustration classes and, horror of horrors!, the teacher would often use my projects as an example of what not to do. At one point, I thought that maybe designing wasn't a possibility for me because of my laughable sketching skills. Lucky for me though, as the design industry becomes more modern and a lot of production is done overseas, many manufacturers require technical drawings, not hand sketches. Drawings can now be done on the computer using the program, Adobe Illustrator.  I still put all my original ideas on paper, but then the final product is done using a computer.  These are the drawings I send to prospective buyers, manufacturers, pattern makers etc. With these drawings, my designs do all the talking!