Monday, May 6, 2013

Making The Sale

I am a designer, not a of the most challenging things about starting your own line is selling your own line. It's one thing showing off your beautiful designs to a good friend and gushing about how it's always been your dream to start your own line and quite another when talking to a boutique owner. Boutique owners are not interested in "your dream," they are interested in how well these items are going to sell in their store. I began my sales pitch via an intro email to all the boutiques I thought would be interested and then the following week attempted to make follow-up calls. With a pounding heart and and a suddenly parched throat I picked up the phone and dialed my first number. I imagined that when I talked to the person on the other end I would come across charming, vivacious and confident. Instead, a little high-pitched mouse voice was heard squeaking into the mouthpiece "hi, my name is Jenn and I am....." What a way to make a great first impression! Unfortunately, this particular phone call did not end up in a sale, but with each call I became more confident. One of which went extremely well and I am excited to announce that Twig and Willow in Long Beach will be selling my designs as soon as this June! Woo hoo!!

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