Saturday, September 29, 2012

What A Glamorous Job-Part 1

my workroom

When I tell people what I do for a living, they always respond with, "what a glamorous job!" Perhaps they are imagining that I attend fashion shows all over the world and work in a fantastic loft downtown while wearing designer stiletto Manolo Blaniks. I'm here to tell you that while gratifying in many ways, glamorous it's not. I work from home in a small workroom downstairs. Most days begin with a big cup of coffee, a rudimentary beauty regiment, a simple outfit of leggings and black flats and then its downstairs for work. I spend most of my days designing, sketching, patterning etc., except for the times I need to go downtown to pick up supplies (see "a glamorous job-part 2"). The highlights of my day are when something I've been working on becomes an actual living garment. The other day I completed the prettiest little lace bra for my collection that was perfect in every way. Satisfying, yes. Glamorous, no. 

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