Sunday, October 21, 2012

What A Glamorous Job-Part 2

Fabric Warehouse-Downtown Los Angeles

Bump-a-da-bump-a-da-bump-a. That's the sound of my car as it drives over the railroad tracks in the far eastside of downtown Los Angeles. A friend has given me an address of a fabric warehouse she says I should check out. I'm hopelessly lost and feeling out of place in my little jetta amongst all the deserted, gray industrial buildings. I finally locate the place and it looks like a drug bust could go down at any minute! I see a small, drab sign that says, 5 Star Fabrics, on the side of the building. I tenatively walk through the door, not sure of what I'll find inside. What I find is a goldmine. Rows and rows of bolts of fabric and aisles of laces and trims. Today, my gamble into unknown territory pays off. I find the perfect stretch lace fabric for my Fall 2013 collection at a great price. Sometimes, however, I'm not so lucky. I've spent many hours pounding the dusty pavement of the downtown fashion district, only to come up empty handed and disheartened at the end of the day. Today's adventure was well worth it and I feel a bit giddy as I drive back to my workroom. 

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